Sure-Fire customers have the ability to request a remote signature from a non-present, or present, taxpayer and/or spouse when the tax return has been completed. After authenticating their identity, the taxpayer/spouse can review a PDF of the tax return and sign it using their mobile device, or a local device in your office.

  • Save time, and money, by completing a tax return without having to print a ton of papers for signature
  • Give your customers the convenience of finishing their return from anywhere they have internet access
  • Remotely signed returns are stored securely and can be accessed easily at a later date
  • You can apply any custom template including Engagement Letter's, or agreements, to clients attached to the return.

How it Works

When you are finished with the return, simply Save the Return as a PDF. For our Web Version, just click Print Return to create a PDF copy.

From within the DocuManagement System or from the Web-Browser version you can even add Templates such as an Engagement Letter to the tax return.

You can then browse to the PDF manually, or if you're using the DocuManagement System you will get a popup to automatically send the return for Signature

The taxpayer/spouse will receive a text message or email (based on your selection) with a link to validate their identity.

After validating their identity, the taxpayer clicks clicks the document link to review the tax return and sign.

Once the return has been signed, the client and tax preparer will receive an email copy of the signed return which is encrypted and password protected. You will also see a copy of the signed tax return within the DocuManagement System.

With our Integrated partnership with all our customers will receive a free account this coming tax year! You not only can send Tax Returns for signature requests, you can send any type of PDF for a signature request! From Sales Tax Forms, W9's and many many other forms. Feel free to read more about StayPaperless by visiting their website at:

Not sure which package to choose?
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