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Business Tax Preparation Software for Tax Preparers

    Over the past 4 years we have provided premium customer support for our tax preparation software and services. We have never had any customer wait longer than two minutes for assistance during tax season. Not only do we provide the #1 most used IRS tax preparation software to our customers, but we also help our customers expand their business. With our tax marketing specialist we are able to assist all our customers in expanding their customer base by an additional 30% each year. Successful tax business's don't just prepare taxes these days. Tax Professionals provide their customers, including business owners, ways make their lives easier financially.

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We help you increase your income in several ways:
  • Create Multi-State and Multi-Scenario Tax Return Templates and speed up tax preparation for new customers by over 50%! [see how]
  • If you want employees to be able to work from home, remote locations, or leave the network we have solutions for you. With our Remote Management system you can help eliminate the headaches of networked machines.
  • Allow you to offer your Business customers a way to save money. [read more]
  • Accounting & Payroll services to keep your office open all year long.
  • Provide Marketing Specialist Services to your customers.
  • Help Low Income Customers get the information they need.
  • Low-Cost Bank Products so your customers get their money back quicker. [view banks]
  • Our SEO and Marketing Specialist can help your marketing team. [read more]
  • Allow your customers to visit your website and enter their data manually. [read more]

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